Makeup bag preview

We’re working hard on our new range of products at the moment so here’s a preview of one of our new makeup bag designs featuring a crocodile, part of the Jungle print collection. Having said it’s a makeup bag they’re actually incredibly handy for storing jewellery too, as you can see here. Personally I can’t get enough of them. How about you?

Armadillo on the horizon

Found this chap snoozing in my sketchbook this morning. I think he’s an armadillo, although it remains to be seen when he wakes up. I was thinking about Texas this morning so that’s probably where he came from. We’ll have to see if he makes it onto a print or is content to snooze away.

Happy 2014

Happy New Year!

I found this gorgeous paint-splattered section of wall in an old Tuscan farmhouse that was used as an artist’s studio. It has such a nice delicate mix of colours I couldn’t resist photographing it, much to the bemusement of the others. I also found some amazing mould patterns. Great textures are to be found everywhere!

Palm trees, they’re out there somewhere

While winter’s icy fingers take a hold of Florence today my thoughts naturally turned to sunnier climes and palm trees. With that, here’s the latest addition to our stationery collection, a handsome leather bound notebook covered with our palm print. If we can’t be under the palm trees right now, we can at least keep them within reach.

Scratchy scribbles, and things of visual interest

Welcome to Scratchy Scribbles, the Paripassi blog.

This is where I’ll be posting not only about our latest products, news and events, but also scratchy scribbles and things of visual interest. Scratchy Scribbles because there’s nothing more daunting than a blank piece of paper and thinking you have to produce a perfect sketch. I just love doodling with a pencil, moving it all over the paper without worrying about the result, and as a consequence my sketch book is full of scratches and scribbles which I’ll be sharing here from time to time as new ideas come to mind. I’ll also be posting images of things I come accross that appeal to my visual senses, whatever that may be…