What does Paripassi mean?

The name was adapted from the Latin pari passu, which means with equal pace or moving together. In our brand the concept means a range of different products that work together through the use of colour and textile designs. So really what it means is a variety of wonderful products in fabulous colours and prints designed to brighten your day and have you coming back for more.

Who’s behind it?

Paripassi was created by Rebecca Milner, a British designer-maker currently based in Florence, Italy. She established her textile design label to create her vision of colourful, imaginative textile designs working in harmony together across a range of interior decoration, home furnishing products and accessories. Her inspiration comes mainly from nature, travel and architecture. Rebecca studied graphic design and illustration at Central St Martins College of Art and Design in London.

About the products

Our products are produced in small quantities and are handmade in Italy. This means hand-rolling the hem of each scarf, stuffing each lavender bag, sewing on every button and taking care that each palm tree, tiger or crocodile is lovingly created and placed. A lot of time and care goes into the handmade process, making each product unique. This is part of their charm and we hope you enjoy owning your Paripassi products.